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Title: Організаційно-економічні засади розвитку мережі молокозаготівельних пунктів
Other Titles: Organizational and economic principles of network development dairy items
Authors: Свиноус, Іван Вікторович
Svynous, Ivan
Микитюк, Дмитро Миколайович
Mykytiuk, Dmytro
Keywords: молоко;milk;населення;population;заготівля;harvesting;господарства;farming;переробка;processing
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Білоцерківський національний аграрний університет
Citation: Свиноус І.В. Організаційно-економічні засади розвитку мережі молокозаготівельних пунктів / І.В. Свиноус, Д.М. Микитюк // Економіка та управління АПК: зб-к наук. праць. - Біла Церква: БНАУ, 2015. - Вип. 2(123). - С. 27-31.
Abstract: Стаття присвячена проблемам ефективності функціонування особистих селянських господарств в умовах численних інституційних перетворень. Розглянуто особливості виробництва молока особистими селянськими господарствами та високотоварними фермами. Проаналізовано динаміку основних показників виробництва та реалізації молока в Україні та окреслено перспективи цієї галузі. Особлива увага приділена аналізу та підвищенню ефективності функціонування молокоприймальних пунктів, які здійснюють заготівлю молока від населення. Подані пропозиції щодо вдосконалення роботи молокоприймальних пунктів заслуговують уваги науковців та практиків.
Description: Raw milk in Ukraine is purchased by manufacturers from two sources: 20 % – large-scale farms, 80 % of individual farms. Even withthe high volume ratio of individual farms are in a losing position. First of all, through the reduction of milk quality during milking. The main reasons for the decline in the quality of the products are: hand milking, lack the ability to quickly cool the milk to optimum storage temperatures, the lack of monitoring of quality characteristics of milk. The largest share of milk sold OSG processors that is defined by its specific features: low transportability of the raw materials in the summer; the necessity of using special vehicles and the inability of the owners PF their own to implement dairy products in the cities. The problem of milk quality is the state of scale of the low quality of raw dairy products, produced by domestic dairy enterprises, can not be exported, which significantly narrows the possibilities of such enterprises. Gradual growth in the sale of class II milk, mainly due to subjective factors, notably a lack of laboratory equipment for determining the quality of milk coming from individual farms. Procurement of milk processing enterprises is carried out through a network of procurement centers. The survey of procurement items, buying milk in OSG has revealed a number of significant issues that need to be addressed both locally and at the state level. Among these problems include: absence of premises that could provide the right conditions for acceptance and storage of milk, insufficient supply of items of engineering networks, low qualification of the personnel responsible for the quality of received milk, the lack of facilities, unresolved logistical problems, and so on. Given the situation, the most effective is the distribution of functions for obtaining and procurement of milk. To produce milk can individual households or cooperatives of citizens – owners of cattle solely on the basis of necessity of forming of batches of agricultural products. Thus the function of pre-treatment (filtration, cooling and temporary storage of milk can run a separate business entity. To optimize the system of state control and supervision of safety and quality of raw milk the following activities are proposed: the implementation of public procurement of inventory items, which are procurement of milk in OSG; ensure the consistency of procurement of items of veterinary-sanitary requirements by additional development at the expense of public funds, and by businesses that are owned buying stations; involvement of private investment in the field of certification and testing of raw milk; the creation of rural cooperatives that would be able to properly equip their purchasing items and to ensure a high quality of raw milk. Considering the tendency to the formation of own raw material zone of the dairy processing industry it is appropriate that procurement items were their property. This circumstance is due to the following. First, countertrade products of milk processing that will encourage the owners of private farms to implement the milk to the processor. Secondly, in the short-term power you can refocus on the processing of milk that comes from producers of all forms of management, which will significantly reduce logistics cost processor. Thirdly, if there is a sufficient amount of milk and in the case of partial modernization of production on the basis of the item for procurement of milk will be possible to carry out operations not only primary processing, and production of final dairy products.
ISSN: 2310-9262
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