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Title: Інститути спільного інвестування на фондовому ринку України
Other Titles: Institutes of joint investment in the Ukrainian stock market
Authors: Шевченко, Алла Олексіївна
Shevchenko, Alla
Keywords: інститути спільного інвестування;joint investment institutions;компанії по управлінню активами;companies with asset management;інвестиційні фонди;investment funds;фондовий ринок;stock market;венчурні інвестиційні фонди;investment funds;структура активів діючих ІСІ;the structure of the assets of the existing ISI
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Білоцерківський національний аграрний університет
Citation: Шевченко А.О. Інститути спільного інвестування на фондовому ринку України / А.О. Шевченко // Економіка та управління АПК: зб. наук. праць. - Біла Церква: БНАУ, 2017. - Вип. 1 (132). - С. 28-35.
Abstract: Досліджено питання розвитку інститутів спільного інвестування як альтернативного напряму вкладання вільних коштів потенційних інвесторів. Проаналізовано основні тенденції та показники діяльності інститутів спільного інвестування на фондовому ринку України протягом останніх п’яти років. Висвітлено переваги та проблемні питання сучасного розвитку вітчизняної індустрії та інститутів спільного інвестування. Запропоновано основні заходи, що мають бути спрямовані на підвищення ефективності функціонування інститутів спільного інвестування.
Description: In the process of research, we have analzed the market of Institutes of joint investment (IJI) in Ukraine for the period of the last five years. It has been found that IJI is one of the most promising forms of investment in the national economy. IJI operation is a powerful tool for intensifying the investment processes in Ukraine and it promotes the development of the national stock market, increasing its liquidity and optimizing the processes of securities circulation. IJI creates an efficient mechanism for the development of the securities market, it plays an important role in a cross-sectoral redistribution of capital, adds stability to the stock market, stimulates both the national investment process and external investment, contributing to the expansion of internal borrowing of the state. From the national investor's point of view, the main advantages of the IJI are: a potentially high profitability as compared to the traditional ways of capital preservation and increase, lower investment management time consume. The current domestic joint investment market has every chance to become an active participant in the Ukrainian financial system. The development of a joint investment market is one of the indirect incentives for the development of the stock market, and this is a prerequisite for attracting capital into the national economy. In Ukraine, collective investment institutions are dominant in the number of institutional investors establishments and their number is constantly increasing. Venture capital funds occupy the largest share, which amounted 88%the at the end of 2016 due to the lack of significant restrictions on the activities of such types of IJI. Recently, there has been a steady increse in IJI securities emission. One of the key factors in the distribution of investment funds is the сondition of the stock market. It can be argued that there is a close link between the functioning of investment funds, their development and the pace of the national stock market growth. A high degree of risk is one of the features of the domestic stock market is characterized and it is practically impossible to predict it. This affects the activities of the IJI which is influenced by a number of objective factors like the stock market situation, the political situation, the instability of national legislation, the global economic situation, etc. The IJI stock exchange market is characterized by a lower concentration level than the over-the-counter market and it has a steady trend to decrese. In Ukraine, the state of development and formation of Joint Investment Institutes, as well as a mechanisms of state regulation of their activities, does not meet the needs of the national economy in investment resources. The state of IJI in Ukraine is primarily related to the environment in which they operate, therefore the prospects for the development of IJI depend primarily on the recovery of the Ukrainian stock market. Joint investment market requires active and efficient policy of the state in terms of its development, the formation of effective mechanisms for state regulation in the field of joint investment, in particular: creating the conditions for effective accumulation and allocation of free financial resources of households, economic entities and state; ensuring reliable protection of the rights of investors and other participants in the joint investment market; improvement of the mechanism for disclosure of information on the activities of asset management companies and IJI; stable functioning of the stock market infrastructure, etc.
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