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Title: Продуктивність свиней на відгодівлі за використання Мацерази-БТУ
Other Titles: Effective enzyme feed additives for pigs
Authors: Болоховський, Владислав Вікторович
Bolkhovskyi, Vladyslav
Мельниченко, Олександр Миколайович
Melnichenko, Oleksandr
Keywords: кормова добавка;Мацераза-БТУ;ензими;свині;прирости;продуктивність;feed additive;Matseraza-BTU;enzymes;pigs;growth;productivity
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Білоцерківський національний аграрний університет
Citation: Болоховський В.В. Продуктивність свиней на відгодівлі за використання Мацерази-БТУ / В.В.Болоховський, О.М.Мельниченко // Технологія виробництва і переробки продукції тваринництва: збірник наук. праць .- Біла Церква: БНАУ, 2014 .- Вип.2(112) .- С. 82 – 85.
Abstract: В умовах підприємства «БТУ-Центр» (м. Ладижин Вінницької обл.) та інституту екології і біотехнології Білоцерківського національного аграрного університету було розроблено вітчизняну кормову добавку пектолітичної дії Мацераза-БТУ та досліджено ефективність використання цього комплексу ензимів у складі комбікормів для свиней на відгодівлі. Згодовування молодняку свиней ферментного препарату Мацераза-БТУ в різних дозах позитивно впливає на їх продуктивність. За дози кормової добавки 0,1 кг/т комбікорму середньодобові прирости збільшуються на 2,3 %, за доз 0,2 та 0,3 кг/т цей показник підвищується відповідно на 7,0 та 7,2 %. За період відгодівлі споживання тваринами комбікорму з умістом кормової добавки Мацераза-БТУ 0,2 кг/т сприяло підвищенню маси тіла свиней на 4,5 %.
Description: Enzymes are specific proteins located in each cell of an animal organism. They purposefully affect biochemical reactions, changing their speed, thereby regulating metabolism processes. As biological catalysts, enzymes are much more efficient than inorganic catalysts. The main distinctive feature of enzymes as catalysts is that they are able not only to speed up the chemical reactions dozens of times, but also to catalyze selectively only certain substrates. Enzymes are biologically active substances that do not accumulate in an organism, do not pollute the environment, positively influence the transformation of energy and nutrient substances of the fodder into animals products. Besides, enzymes reduce the action of anti-nutrient factors of fodder. Domestic fodder for pigs contains about 15-65 % of barley, it has increased amount of anti-nutrient factors. Pectin is one of the anti-nutrient factors. Pectin in its turn prevents digestive enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract to hydrolyze proteins, lipids and carbohydrates concentrated in the fodders. Thus, transformation of the nutrient substances of the fodder into animals products is decreased. An effective method to reduce the action of anti-nutrient factors of the grain crops, including pectin, is addition of the microbial origin enzymes with pectolytic (macerating) action to the content of fodders. These enzymes complement enzymes of the gastrointestinal tract, as enzymes that are able to hydrolyze pectin compounds that are absent in saliva, gastric and intestinal juices. A feed additive with pectolytic action "Matseraza-BTU" is produced in Ukraine by the company BTU Center in the town of Ladyzhyn, Vinnytsya region.The application efficiency of different doses of "Matseraza-BTU" enzyme preparation was studied on four peer groups of piglets of large white swine breed at the breeding farm of the state experimental company Artemida in Kalynivka district, Vinnytsya region. There were 15 young pigs in each group with the initial live weight of 55 kg. After the 15-day levelling period the animals in the first study group received the enzyme feed additive "Matseraza-BTU" in the amount of 0.1 kg per 1 ton of grain mixture, in the second study group – 0.2 kg/t, in the third study group – 0.3 kg/t. The main period lasted 90 days; the feed additive was added to the mixed pig feed. The control group received mixed pig feed without enzyme feed additive. The feed was concentrated in all the groups. Studies have shown that feeding young pigs with the enzyme preparation "Matseraza-BTU" in different doses gave positive results. Thus, in case of the preparation dose in the amount of 0.1 kg per one ton of mixed pig feed, the average daily weight gain is increased by 19.7 grams or 2.3 %; with the doses of 0.2 and 0.3 kg per one ton, this rate rises to 60.6 g and 62.0 g, or 7.0 % and 7.2 % (р≤0.05). In accordance with the increase of average daily weight gain in animal study groups the increase in live weight at the end of the experiment was respectively higher by 1.7 %, 4.5 % and 3.3 % in the first, in the second and in the third groups, compared to the control index. It was proved that under the influence of feed enzyme in the first, in the second and in the third study groups the absolute weight gain respectively increased by 2.2 %, 6.9 % and 7.1 %. Inclusion of "Matseraza-BTU" in the amount of 0.2 and 0.3 kg per one ton of mixed pig feed leads correspondingly to a mdecrease by 6.8 % and 7.1 % in the fodder expense per one kilogram of weight gain, thus proving increased transformation of nutrient substances of the fodder into products. Besides productivity there is also scientific interest in determining haematological data in pigs under action of the pectate transeliminase complex. After feeding pigs with the mixed pig feeds containing "Matseraza-BTU" in the amount of 0.2 and 0.3 kg/t the haemoglobin level in the blood of pigs has increased respectively by 2.6 % and 3.3 %. However, the difference had a character of tendency. There was a slight increase in red blood cells in the study groups where the animals were fed with mixed pig feeds with high content of "Matseraza-BTU". Thus, in the second study group the erythrocyte number increased by 8.9 % under action of the feed enzyme, compared to the control group. Under action of the enzyme in the amount of 0.3 kg per one ton of mixed pig feed the erythrocyte number increases by 12.5 %. However, in both cases, the difference was not reliable. The addition of 0.2 kg/t of "Matseraza-BTU" to the mixed pig feed allows to increase the weight gain of growing pigs by 4.5 %, or to get by five days faster the 110 kg weight of pigs.
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