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Title: Концептуальні засади організації ринку землі сільськогосподарського призначення в Україні
Other Titles: Conceptual principles of the organization of the agricultural land land market in Ukraine
Authors: Карпенко, Анатолій Миколайович
Karpenko, Anatolii
Keywords: земельні відносини;ринок землі;іпотечне кредитування;сільське господарство;фермерські господарства;land relations;land market;mortgage lending;agriculture
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Білоцерківський НАУ
Citation: Карпенко А.М. Концептуальні засади організації ринку землі сільськогосподарського призначення в Україні / А.М. Карпенко // Економіка та управління АПК: зб-к наукових праць. - Біла Церква: БНАУ, 2018. - Вип. 2 (143). - С. 40-47. doi: 10.33245/2310-9262-2018-143-2-40-47
Abstract: У статті проведено оцінку сучасного стану земельного фонду України у світлі проведених трансформаційних процесів власності. Зазначається, що значна частка приватних землеволодінь свідчить про достатньо сформовану пропозицію на потенційному ринку землі. Окреслено загальні результати соціологічних досліджень, за підсумками яких визначено позицію населення стосовно продажу земель сільськогосподарського призначення. Резюмовано ключові тезиси світових тенденцій інституційних умов функціонування земельного ринку у провід- них країнах ЄС, на основі чого запропоновано концептуальні засади запровадження ринку сільськогосподарських земель в Україні та спрогнозовано основні очікувані результати від запровадження регульованого ринкового обігу сільськогосподарських земель.
Description: The article assesses the current state of the land fund of Ukraine in the light of the transformation processes of ownership. It is determined that after the reforms carried out, along with changes in the forms of land tenure, the forms of management have changed. Attention is drawn to the fact that the forms of management of the individual type, popular in Europe, are gaining momentum in Ukraine, which is manifested in the gradual growth of the area of farms. It is noted that a significant proportion of private land holdings speaks of a sufficiently formed proposal in a potential land market, with regard to which perspectives in the Ukrainian society are being actively debated. The general results of sociological research conducted by a number of scientists in different regions of Ukraine are outlined, and the results of which determine the position of the population regarding the sale of agricultural land. Analyzing statistical data, and assessing scientific developments in the field of land sales, summarized key theses of the global trends in institutional conditions for the functioning of the land market in the leading EU countries. The key features of land resources and their market circulation are outlined. The specificity of the land is determined by the fact that it is immovable, therefore, unlike other resources that can be moved, only the rights to continuity of its use are sold on the land market. The emphasis is placed on the fact that the commodity in such a market is the right to land, which ensures comprehensive and predictable access to opportunities for profit from its exploitation, as well as obligations related to land and its exploitation, in accordance with the objectives of sustainable development. The article describes the price situation on the land market in the EU countries and states that an efficient land market can improve the productivity of the country's economy and increase its recovery, since it will allow landowners to turn their assets into capital that can be used for other purposes and the money received by farmers through the mortgage system, can be used to finance the development of production activities. Conceptual basis for the introduction of the market of agricultural land. land protection of interests of land plot owners; creation of a strong economically active middle class in rural areas; improvement of leasehold land relations; provision of sustainable land use; increase of employment of rural population; prevention of depreciation of agricultural land; introduction of mechanisms for preventing speculation in agricultural land and monopolizing it; increasing capitalization and liquidity of land as an economic asset. In our opinion, the fundamental positions of an efficient agricultural land market are: establishing a private ownership limit in one hand up to 200 hectares; in cultivation for farms – up to 1000 hectares; fixing of the minimum term of lease (already settled up to 7 years); development of a mechanism for preventing speculation and monopolization in the land market by establishing a land sales tax for the first 5 years (at the rate of 100% of the selling price); introduction of antitrust sanctions, by limiting the maximum area of land use by one enterprise – no more than 30% of the area of one OTG; consolidation of land for the establishment of a minimum land parcel that is not subject to parceling; prevention of depreciation of agricultural land through the introduction of a minimum price level; the development of mechanisms for mortgage lending to farmers for the purpose of land acquisition and financing for the development of production. Subjective composition of the land market, to include: citizens of Ukraine; family farms, established by citizens of Ukraine; 3) territorial communities; 4) the state in the person of the special regulatory institute. The main expected results from the introduction of regulated market turnover of agricultural land are: ensuring the constitutional rights of citizens to land and disposing of them; avoidance of depreciation of land; introduction of preventive mechanisms for market circulation of land; increasing the role of the state in the initial stage of the introduction of the land market in terms of its regulation.
ISSN: 2310-9262
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