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dc.contributor.authorЛастовська, Ірина Олександрівна-
dc.contributor.authorLastovska, Iryna-
dc.contributor.authorЛуценко, Марія Михайлівна-
dc.contributor.authorLutsenko, Maria-
dc.identifier.citationЛастовська І. О. Поведінка молодняку великої рогатої худоби в умовах інноваційної технології виробництва яловичини / І. О. Ластовська,М. М. Луценко // Науково-технічний бюлетень НДЦ біобезпеки та екологічного контролю ресурсів АПК. - 2016. -Т.4, №1.- С. 117-120uk_UA
dc.descriptionThe behavior of dairy period calves held in fiberglass cabins in the open air and feeding young cattle in terms of resource-saving technology of beef production reconstructed premises is researched. Established on the ethology indexes, the high adequacy of the new resource-saving technologies to physiological needs of feeding calves. Problem statement. Nowadays in Ukraine the production of high quality beef is on low level. This is primarily due to the fact that the highly manufacturing beef complexes has practically disappeared in the country, there for the high cost technology of keeping and feeding the young cattle are used. At the same time the Ukraine market is in a great need for the high quality beef. In order to increase the high quality beef production we developed the new resource-saving technology, which implemented by the way of reconstruction the existing premises of former feeding complex. On purpose to evaluate the new technology comprehensive research are conducted, in particular the behavior of diary caves and feeding young cattle of different age on the new conditions of their functions are studied. Currently indisputable is the idea that the study of daily animal behavior in conditions of the new technology of production allow to make a conclusion about influence of technology factors on animal body. The analysis of the latest research and publications. It is noted by many authors, that the study of the behavior as a system of animal actions allows to evaluate the changes, which undergoing in their bodies [3]. Therefor our research are directed precisely on studying the different age group of the young calves behavior in the conditions of the new resource-saving technology. The study of animal behavior at an early age makes it possible to predict their future productivity, intensity of grows and development, taking into accounts the breed, age and individual characteristics [2]. It was also established that the total feeding behavior depends on the physical structure of feed ration and it has a positive link to the meat productivity. The hours of feed intake is reduced when the conditions of keeping are unsuitable, the front of feeding is insufficient, the order of the day is disrupted, and conditions of keeping not meet their physiological needs [1, 2]. The purpose of the research. To evaluate the behavior of different age young cattle group at different stages of growing: diary period rearing and fattening itself on the conditions of the new resource-saving technology of beef production. Methods of research. The main method during conduction of the ethology research were direct observation and timing the main manifestations of the animal life: rests lying down, rests standing, moving, eats feed, drinks water, sex manifestations. In determining the indicators of calves’ behavior the researches were performed with group way, watching the manifestations of the animal life during the 24 hours. At this in the daily observation sheets the notes were conducted every 5 minutes interval, and the record of animal quantity, engaged by this or those element of conducting was held. By counting the total number of animals on the elements of conduct, received the sum of total quantity of animals in all intervals and taking it 100% calculated the percentage of calves for each element of behavior. Percentage indicators were transformed into hours and minutes.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractДосліджено поведінку телят молочного періоду, що утримувались в склопластикових будиночках на свіжому повітрі та відгодівельного молодняку в умовах реконструйованих приміщеннях під ресурсоощадну технологію виробництва яловичини. Встановлено, за етологічними показникам, високу адекватність нової ресурсоощадної технології до фізіологічних потреб відгодівельного молодняку.uk_UA
dc.publisherДніпропетровський державний аграрно-економічний університетuk_UA
dc.subjectмолодняк великої рогатої худобиuk_UA
dc.subjectжиттєві проявиuk_UA
dc.subjectспоживання кормуuk_UA
dc.subjectфізіологічні потребиuk_UA
dc.subjectfeeding young cattleuk_UA
dc.subjectmanifestations of the lifeuk_UA
dc.subjectfeed intakeuk_UA
dc.subjectphysiological needsuk_UA
dc.titleПоведінка молодняку великої рогатої худоби в умовах інноваційної технології виробництва яловичиниuk_UA
dc.title.alternativeBehavior of young cattle in terms of innovative technology of beef productionuk_UA
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